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About Dr. Richard A. Shulman,
Psychologist in Mission Viejo

My name is Dr. Richard A. Shulman and I provide hope.

That’s because my patients know I care about them and always want the best possible outcome for their specific needs and issues as they navigate their lives. Which brings us to you: Whatever is going on in your life, we will work through today’s issues together, and work as partners for a brighter tomorrow. Whether you are an adult, child or teen, a couple going through turbulent times, or a family looking for peace and harmony at home, you will find an empathetic heart and good psychologist waiting for you here.

Dr. Richard A. Shulman

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Lic. # PSY 17982

Smooth Sailing is on the horizon with
Dr. Richard A. Shulman,
Psychologist in Mission Viejo.

Counseling and Therapy Services

I care for my patients with a combination of Rogerian Therapy, through which we will have an active and autonomous role in your therapy sessions, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a goal-oriented approach that takes a hands-on practical methodology to problem-solving. With these tools, we can work together on almost any issue.

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Individual Counseling

We all need help sometimes, whether it’s personal issues, family issues, job stress, or everyday life.

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Couples & Marriage Counseling

Couples sometimes find themselves on the rocky shores, but there can be calmer waters ahead.

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Child/Teen/Adolescent Counseling

Growing up today can be hard, and sometimes kids, adolescents and older teens need help.

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Family & Parenting Counseling

Any family can have issues, including Traditional families, Blended families, or your family.

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Counseling and Therapy Services

Certifications, Affiliations & Associations

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Certified in Behavioral Medicine and Psychological Assessment

Credentialed Domestic Violence Group Counselor

Parent Education and Family Management Teacher

Certified as a Divorce Mediator

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