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Promoting Peaceful Behavior and Values

How to Promote Peaceful Behavior 

Key Points: A peaceful home life enhances your child’s social skills.  

These traits create leaders in the “real world”. 

How To:

  1. Foster empathy. Empathy creates compassion and understanding for other peoples struggles.
  2. Allow all feelings – even angry one’s.Anger is a normal, healthy, and natural reaction to disappointment, frustration, hurt, or fear.
  3. Teach self-control.
    Curbing impulsive behavior creates strength and tolerance when life is unfair.
  4. Practice disagreeing respectfully.
    Conflicts and disagreements are part of everyday life and the way you resolve conflicts teaches you child that two people can have different opinions and still respect each other.
  5. Encourage teamwork.
    Children are more apt to resolve conflicts peacefully when they are taught to work together for a common goal.

Handling Conflict in Non-Violent Ways

Key points: Conflict resolution requires participation from both sides. Avoid name-calling and blaming the other person.

How to:

  1. Think about it.
    Be honest about your contribution to the problem.
  2. Talk about it. Say how you feel about what has happened.  Use “I” statements.
  3. Try to work it out. Tell the other person what you want or what you expect from them.  Be flexible and compromise.


Respect  Skill Building


Definition: Courtesy, politeness, and manners.  Respect means really caring about how people feel.

Key Points: Respect is the foundation of all other values in life.  Respect starts in the home.

How to:

Extend respect and then expect respect.


  1. Teach by your own examples/ be a role-model.
  2. Give plenty of praise and recognition.  
  3. Give them a chance to correct themselves by saying, “Let’s start over”. 
  4. Visit the Elderly.   
  5. Eat breakfast together. 

Problem Solving Skill Building

Key points: Respectful way to create dialog between two people.

Promotes a democratic nurturing environment.

How to:

Step 1. Identify and define the conflict.

Step 2. Generate possible alternative solutions. Brainstorm- Don’t critique

Step 3. Evaluate all of the possible solutions.

Step 4. Decide on the best acceptable solution.

Step 5. Implement a solution and work out the details.

Step 6. Follow-up to evaluate how well it works.



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