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The Theory of Anger Model

Theory of Anger Bigger Version

The Theory of Anger


Anger is a secondary emotion. This means that anger is first starts with a primary emotion. Anger is caused by one or more of 6 primary emotions: hurt, fear, sadness/disappointment, jealousy, frustration, and /or guilt (shame).

Anger can also be measured in levels which depend the amount of  stress that you are going through in your life. We learn to adapt and get acclimated to this specific stress level which means that we slowly become less aware of how much pressure we are experiencing. This pressure begins to build up.

Eventually, stress and pressure will build up so much that you then reach the gray area of the model. This is when cognitive and physical symptoms of anger will present themselves. Here, we realize we are about to erupt into anger. Past this point, the anger will manifest itself.

Cognitive signs of stress (the gray area) are tunnel vision, blurry vision, unclear thoughts, racing thoughts, etc.
Physical signs of stress, headaches, stiff neck, heart palp, sweaty palms, shortness of breath, etc.

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